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Disney T Shirts

Who doesn’t love Disney films and isn’t charmed by these lovely Disney t shirts? I can only imagine some Cruella de Vil type baddie failing to be won over by the clever storylines and exuberant songs, or some scheming Scar type villain finding a way to use them to help him achieve his evil goals. The list of popular Disney films goes all the way from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs back in 1937, through to Dumbo, Bambi, Toy Story and Pocahontas. How many unforgettable characters, plot twists and sing a long songs have been brought to us by these films over the 70 odd years since they began? My favourite is the Lion King, because I used to watch it with my nephew over and over again and it never lost its freshness and innocence. Whatever you favourite Disney film is you can celebrate a great film tradition with these Disney t shirts.